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New Vision

Vision's compact size, high-quality materials and multiple design options make it the optimal choice for sauna bathing in a limited space. Massive panoramic glass windows create a feeling of space and luxury.
New Vision

Ergonomically-designed interior made of fragrant natural aspen and contrasting narrow strips of alder. The indirect lighting creates a pleasant ambience.

New Vision is a successful concept interpreted in a new way. Vision was a huge success when it was first introduced. This latest version has undergone an evolution with small but significant changes that further enhance its qualities. For instance, we've made New Vision higher. With thinner profiles in the glazed sections, this creates a greater sense of space and air. Furthermore, Espresso Ash gives New Vision a completely unique interior design.

Large, bronze-tinted expanses of glass, recessed spotlights and contrasting features create a warm, spacious feeling.

Enjoy dry, wet and steam saunas with just one heater – the Sense Combi Elite. The heater comes with the Elite control panel.