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Sensation is Tylö's first product that has been developed entirely on the concept of Relaxology. As well as bringing you superior comfort, Sensation has been designed with your senses in mind and offers a subtle sensorial experience.

— The aim of the project was to create a product that conveys the feeling of sitting on a rocky ledge by a cascading stream with panoramic views that stretch for miles.

Sensation's sloped rear wall incorporates a rippling waterfall that creates thermals and a soothing air circulation. The flowing water is back-lit to create another dimension of pleasure. Pleasant, soothing background sound complements this beautiful and evocative design feature

Made of espresso-coloured aspen wood, the sloping benches make the sauna feel more spacious and give it an exciting architectural design – which was one of our main ambitions with Sensation.

Expression – an award-winning heater, specially selected for the Sensation sauna room. Design, technology and performance, optimised for a perfect Relaxology experience.