Tylö, together with Radisson Blu Royal Viking is creating an exciting world of wellbeing at the Radisson Royal Viking Hotel in Stockholm.

Panacea, Tylö’s new steam bath is being especially customised for one of the hotels suites as well as displayed in the lobby, where hotel guests are given early access to Tylö’s new premium product.

With the name derived from greek mythology, Panacea presents an exceptionally complete experience in a modern and flexible sauna product.

Tylö and Royal Viking welcome all that will experience the newest in steam bath to visit the hotel during spring 2014.

The Myth

Panacea, the mythological Greek goddess of universal remedy, has laid the foundation for our new steam bath. According to the legend Panacea possessed a medicine known to cure every illness on earth.

With Panacea, Tylö has reinterpreted classical elements, forging a whole new steam bath experience. Enter the world of Panacea and re-emerge a changed person.

The Therapy

The Panacea steam bath by Tylö is the epitome of soothing properties for body and soul alike. The hot steam envelopes the body, releasing tensions and muscle aches while providing the mind with relaxing stimuli through different light and sound therapies. Through different temperature settings, humidity levels and etheric oils, Panacea mimics ancient and natural treatments, drawing inspiration from Roman caldarium and sensuous Balinese steam baths, to name a few.


The Premium Home

The luxurious feel and healing qualities of the Panacea steam bath bring therapeutic and relaxing treatments to your home. Relax and unwind in a thoroughly luxurious environment, engineered for those that settle for nothing but the best.

The Panacea steam bath from Tylö draws its inspiration from a wide spectrum of ancient therapeutic therapies, inspired by light, water and sound.

The Suite and Spa

Introducing Panacea to a commercial setting such as a hotel suite adds value to the guest’s experience and constitutes a highly desirable quality to the high-end hospitality sector.

The Panacea steam bath is part of a comprehensive and luxurious concept with possibilities to add bespoke furniture and accessories. Thanks to its modular construction, the Panacea steam room is ready to be used almost immediately.


    Thanks to its extremely flexible and multi-faceted properties, Corian® is every architect’s preferred material.

    When creating Panacea, we used Corian® for interior features such as benches and accessories. Instead of traditonal wall sections, tinted glass panes have been used introducing a clean and uncluttered look and feel. The marble-like finish of Corian® as well as the opaque properties of the walls, allow for optimal conditions for pleasant mood light, giving a nearly boundaryless ambiance.


    For embracing sense of wellbeing as well as healing experience for mind and body, chromotherapy is a tradition originating in ancient Egyptian times.

    With Panacea steam bath from Tylö, we have refined its restorative properties by incorporating rays of light through the satin like and opaque interior. Personalized settings add to the calm and tranquil emotions evoked by Panacea.

    Steam bath

    A steam bath is not to be confused with the steam sauna. To enjoy a modern steam bath you leave the realm of the wooden sauna cabin and relax instead in a specially designed room finished in glass, plastic or tiles. The humidity level is a constant 100%. However, the temperature doesn’t rise above 40-50°C, so you can enjoy the experience for as long as you like and lose yourself in clouds of soothing steam.

    In Panacea you are enveloped in silky-smooth materials with a visable tactile feel which, together with optional adjustable lighting contributes to an experience of both total seclusion and raised calmness.

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